Happiness Enterprize is a company that creates happiness.

Development and sale of dietary supplements

The supplements and cosmetic serum, developed and produced from plants grown by freeze-thaw awakening technology, is morenutricious   and has a better effect on health.

A model for the combination of Agriculture and welfare

We will achieve a business model, where both stimulation of agriculture and improvement of welfare for elderly and disabled are achieved. People interested in becoming an owner of a farm are also welcome to join.

Recruitment of fields for freeze-thaw awakening technology

We are looking for fields for growing plants produced by the freeze-thaw awakening technology.

Freeze-thaw awakening technology.

Developper: Setsuzo Tanaka


The freeze-thaw technology is a novel technology developed by us. The cells or seeds are frozen at a temperature of -60The seeds and cells experience artificial ice ages by the low-temperature treatment, which induces an initialization of the environmental information encoded in the genome of the plants. This leads to an enhanced adaptivity towards various environments.In contrast to genetic recombination techniques, this technology provides plants with better resistance to high- and low temperature as well as resistance towards insects without altering the genome itself.In addition, this technology improves the growth speed of the plants and enables a higher crop yield. This technology is harmless to the environment and health and makes it possible to organically grow and stably crop tropical plants in the temperate zone.The reproducibility of the technology is verified in over 230 different types of plants so far.

Patent number:6300215

Patent name:Method for enhancing the characteristics of plants 

Patentee:Setsuzo Tanaka 

Patent registration date:09/03/2018


I started the cultivation of bananas in Japan because of my interest in bananas. After 40 years, I have made it possible to cultivate bananas in Japan, which was previously said to be impossible in these climates.  Being inspired by plants that have survived through the ice ages, I have developed and patented the freeze-thaw awakening technology.

Agritech Summit 2017 Winning The Best Award, SMBC AwardAgricultural Corporation Ltd. D&T Farm, Team of Chief Technical Officer, Setsuzo Tanaka


BANANADREAMwon the best award, the SMBC award. Agritech Summit dispatch information about current situation and potential of Agritech uniting of cutting edge agriculture and technology.

Sponsor: The Nikkei

Supporters: Ministory of Agriculture, Financial Services Agency and Japan’s Agriculture Corporation Association