We will achieve a business model,

where both stimulations of agriculture and improvement of welfare for elderly and disabled are achieved.

There is a main point for a welfare business for the combination of agriculture and welfare that is Setsuzo Tanaka gathering the management source of funds which unite「patent right profit, copyright profit and lecture profit」 and (continuous contribution) from concerning company(group) and he performs local contribution and society contribution as economical donation charity. We aim for getting rid of death from hunger and quarrel from human rights, and creating the convivial society that makes us happy all together with human rights and nature.Also now, another organization, Happiness Enterprise Ltd. will create nationwide organization for realization of symbiotic welfare society developing the social welfare contribution organization through a general incorporated foundation from now on. We conduct the welfare business for the combination of agricultural and welfare as its origin. For conducting this business, we bear all purchase and leased fund payment.Of course, we would like to communicate with not only the disabled and the elderly, but also youth from all over the world who aim for agronomy through the homepage of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, private mass media, etc.

A model for the combination of agricultural and welfare business Area.


Kibichuoucho located in the center of the Okayama prefecture with total area of 268.78k㎡. Kibichuoucho is a middle scale plateau area town in the prefecture has an altitude of 120500 meters.The area has been calling as kibi high-land with relevantly cold inland climate compare with the southern part of the prefecture. This suitable environment for agriculture has supported the developments of the key industry such as plantation of rice, fruits and highland vegetables as the crucial producing area in the prefecture. It’s about an hour by car from the Okayama stationand Okayama airportand it’s also close to Okayama Kayo IC. With the great location, Kibichuoucho has been promoted to become an industrial center. 

Buildings that can be used


Name of the buildingKyutakesho Jr. high  

AreaTotal area5987 

Campus area2571 

Specialized class area170

Gym and ground area10350



Campus:Agricultural school


Agricultural school divided into four departments, bananas, pineapples, guavas, papayas. Programs take a year to study the techniques. We recruit students from all over the Japan as boarding school. Planning on the capacity of 100 students. Also, the ongoing project included the first 「Agricultural college for elders」. Specified for retired people over age 60. The course will focus on practical and technical knowledges for one year. There is no retirement age for agriculture, the knowledges will guarantee a stable and independent lifestyle afterwards. Freeze-thaw awakening technology don’t use pesticides and fertilizers, is a technique with high safety level and do’t require complex knowledges.  

Ground:All-weather type fruits garden


All-weather type fruits garden will construct a large green house will be the first firm in the Japan to provide full maturity bananas and pineapples, regardless of seasons, visitors can experience fruits picking. The process will secure the labor force. Fruits garden and products café area will also contribute to fund raise for the projects without the helps from governmental funding. Furthermore, the high end fruits cultivated from the firm will also be the gift for “Furusato tax-reduction” with it’s special added value to cooperate with local development.

Ground:Museum of Japanese motor bikes and cars


500 Japanese motor bikes and cars from between 1930 and the present will be displayed in the gym. It will be one of the biggest auto-museums in Japan. There will be a Café/Restaurant as well, where vegetables cropped here will be served. All the menu, such as tropical fruits and coffee, served here will be produced by our model. This facility will preferentially hire local workers and thereby contribute to the development of the area. This facility will provide a platform where the next generation can see and experience Japan’s history and culture of producing. At the same time, the museum will attract turists from other places in Jpapan as well as from the world and contribute to the economical growth of the area.