Plants cultivated by freeze-thaw awakening technology have abnormally high content of nutritions.

Kiseki no Ha Blend, Stick type

Leaves of bananas cultivated by Freeze-thaw Awakening Technology contain abnormally high amount of nutritions. We produce the powder with organic banana leaves and Siraitia grosvenorii etc. by our own way so this Kiseki no ha stick type is easy to take.

When you take this powder, please melt it in lukewarm water. If you use the hot water which is more than 42℃, the enzyme, the protein of banana,will be destroyed.

Kiseki no Ha Blend, Stick type

Kiseki no Diet tablet-type is produced by processing and extracting the essence from the scape of banana cultivated by Freeze-thaw Awakening Technology. It suppresses caloric intake greatly. If you take this tablet, it will make you lose your weight easily even thought you eat food as usual.

Kiseki no cosmetic serum: skin care

Plant fruits cultivated by the Freeze-thaw Awakening Technology have a high content of nutritions. We produce and blend the cosmetic serum with organic leaves of banana and papaya, and coconut oil by our own method. This miracle cosmetic serum activates skin cells, has moisturizing effect, and can make your wrinkles disappear. This cosmetic serum is for all ages.